August Reading Wrap Up

Okay, so it’s now 9th September and I’ve finally decided to sit down and write this blog. In August I read more than my usual 1 book a week, and I actually read 9 books. I think the massively increased number of books I read is what left me feeling a bit overwhelmed about writing this blog! I’ll be honest, this blog isn’t going to have an image to go with it, simply because I can’t be bothered!!

Something that was a little bit (very) out of the ordinary for me was that I’d actually read 3 books by 2nd August!


Timber Framed Buildings – Richard Harris

I made a start at reading academic books in the run up to heading back to university and starting my Master’s Degree. I’ve said all along that I’m not going to give any academic books a star rating, as I’m not reading them for enjoyment – I’m reading them because I have to.


The Arrangement – Miranda Rijks

This is a psychological thriller novel that I read as part of a blog tour. I’ve written a review for it which you can find here


The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

So, I listened to this as an audiobook whilst at work and it was the first audiobook I’ve listened to in a long, long time. I used to really love audiobooks, and then they started to send me to sleep. The Handmaid’s Tale didn’t send me to sleep, which was good. Earlier in the year I read Vox by Christina Dalcher and Maresi by Maria Turtschaninoff (both of which I gave a 2 star rating to), and I feel like both of these were based a little bit on the storyline of The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s definitely something I want to read as a physical book in the future as I feel like I’ll enjoy it a lot more than listening to it.

The Existence of Amy – Lana Grace Riva

This was the first book I read in August and it gave me Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine vibes (though I much preferred Amy to Eleanor!). I wrote a review on this book which you can find here


I’m starting to feel like I’m overly generous with my 5 star ratings. There’s a few books here that I’ve given 5 stars to, but upon reflection maybe they deserved a 4!

MumLife: What Nobody Ever Tells You About Being a Mum – Louise Pentland

This is a book that 100% deserved its 5 star rating. But I’d fully understand a lower rating if people weren’t too sure about who Louise is or what she does (but then why would they be reading an autobiography?). I wrote a blog post for this book here!

Choices Shape, Losses Break – Nia Lucas

This is a book I’ve written a review about, but I think it needs to be read. It was something completely different to anything I have ever read about in my life. You can read my review here

Educated – Tara Westover

Okay, so here’s where I think this book possibly deserved a 4 star rating instead of a 5. The second half of this book was INCREDIBLE and I think that’s what swayed me to giving it a 5, but I really struggled with the first half. I’m not one to give half stars, I round everything up or down to a whole number, but maybe this was a 4.5%. I did at one point almost DNF it because I just couldn’t get into it. I struggle with non-fiction in general, and thought because this was a memoir that I’d be okay with it, but there were just so many people and so much to get my head around that I spent the first half quite confused. I’m really, really glad I didn’t DNF it as it turned out to be amazing, and I know the first half was all necessary to set the scene, but I did find it a bit boring and overly complicated. I think that maybe the 5 star rating was given because so many people absolutely loved this book, and I was influenced by other people’s Goodreads reviews.

Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

I first read Great Expectations in year 9 at school and absolutely loved it. Having read it so long ago, I’d pretty much forgotten most of the story line so it was nice to re-read as it brought back lots of memories. This is one of the few classics I’ve read in my life, and one that I enjoyed both the first and second time I read it. It’s reasonably easy to read. Some classics (Wuthering Heights I’m aiming this at you) and I couldn’t make sense of it whatsoever. It’s nice to be able to read a book without it seeming like a complete chore because it’s so complicated to read.

The Mum-Minder – Jacqueline Wilson

I’ll be honest I’m not entirely sure why I read this other than it being a complete trip down memory lane. I used to have this as an audiobook DVD as a child. What I absolutely loved was I actually knew the first few pages off by heart because I listened to it so often when I was young. I can remember exactly how the voices of each character were read in the audiobook, and in my head I was reading it in the voices which I LOVED!! Upon reflection, it probably wasn’t a 5 star read. I read the entire thing in about 20 minutes and obviously, it’s a children’s book. I gave it 5 stars for the nostalgia more than anything.

University starts up again next week, so I think for a little while a lot of my reads will be boring, non-fiction, academic books. My plan is to read fiction whilst on the bus to and from campus, so hopefully I can still manage my 1 book a week goal! Reading so many books in August got me a little bit ahead with my Goodreads Challenge, which can take the pressure off me a little bit whilst I adjust back to life as a student!

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2 thoughts on “August Reading Wrap Up

  1. August- in like the first few days, finally finished Anna Karenina. Now, time to start the Shades of Magic trilogy- loved them. At the end of August, was able to start Bleak House (that book was finished in September)


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