September Reading Wrap Up

Sorry this is so wonky!!

A bit like August’s wrap up, I’m coming with my September wrap up a little bit late. My life (more specifically, the inside of my brain) is completely hectic at the moment. I’ve harped on about it enough, but if you didn’t know in September I started my Masters degree and ever since that moment, my brain has just been goo. This wrap up is coming so late, that I can’t actually remember a single book I read in September (brb whilst I consult my Goodreads).

I’ll be honest, this is going to be quite a boring wrap up. After such an amazing month of reading in August, I was hoping it would continue into September.. However I ended up being asked to do some extra work, and I did a bit of extra sleeping, so I only read 4 books, and two of those were about buildings (for university), but here goes:


An Abundance of Katherines – John Green

Ah so this book.. As you can tell by the star rating, I wasn’t a fan. The main character, Colin, did my head in. He had had umpteen girlfriends all called Katherine and all of them had dumped him. The storyline itself was pretty bland, nothing of substance happened – it was SO boring. I can’t actually remember anything that happened. Luckily it was a short book and I was able to fly through it quickly. If it was any longer, I would have probably DNF’ed it. I understand that it was a YA book, but there were a lot of ‘alternative’ swear words in it, and they really made me cringe. ‘Fug’, ‘fugger’, ‘fugging’ etc. IF YOU’RE GOING TO INCLUDE SWEARING, JUST INCLUDE THE REAL WORDS.

Something I didn’t pick up on at the time of reading, but I’ve just noticed now, is that Colin’s surname is ‘Singleton’. That mildly amused me, I must admit. Poor (annoying) Colin.

I feel bad for hating this book as much as I did, but it had very very split opinions from people on Goodreads too. I read A Fault in our Stars a few years ago as my annual holiday book and I recall enjoying that. You wouldn’t think that both books were by the same author. I have Paper Towns on my bookshelf, and I’m hoping that has a better outcome when I eventually get around to reading that.


The Eve Illusion – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

This is book 2 in the Eve of Man trilogy. I read Eve of Man last year and I rated it a 3 star as well. A bit like with An Abundance of Katherines, nothing really happened (I really did pick some riveting books this month didn’t I?!). At the end of Eve of Man, I commented on the fact that Eve annoyed me. I’m glad to report that in this book she annoyed me less. One thing I have really enjoyed about this trilogy so far is that the books are told from multiple perspectives. In book 1, it was told from two perspectives: Eve and Bram. To provide a bit of background information so this makes sense. Eve was the only female to be born in 50 years (or something like that), and the Extinction Prevention Organisation (EPO) took it upon themselves to save Eve, and the human race. They created a city within a tower for Eve to live in and be ‘protected’ and she is cared for by a group of women who have dedicated their lives to Eve, called the ‘mothers’. Bram’s father owns the EPO and in book 1, he works as Holly, a female hologram who is Eve’s friend. But obviously, with Eve being the only young female on the planet, Holly has to be controlled by males.

In the second book, a third perspective is added. Michael. Without trying to spoil too much, shit hits the fan at the end of the first book, and Michael is another employee of the EPO. His perspective becomes almost a neutral perspective, showing what’s happening inside the tower when things are a little bit crazy. The storyline of The Eve Illusion is basically a huge conflict of interest between what Eve wants, and what everyone else wants for Eve.


As I’ve previously mentioned, any books I read for university I will be counting in my total books read for the year, but I won’t be giving them a rating. I’m saving the ratings for books I’m choosing to read for enjoyment, rather than the books I have to read.

The two books I read for university in September were:

How Old is Your House? By Pamela Cunnington and Traditional Buildings of Britain: An Introduction to Vernacular Architecture by R. W. Brunskill.

Well friends, that’s it for another month. I’m trying my best to keep reading despite my brain being mush. In September I started reading A Game of Thrones, but I’m only about 200 pages into it. Maybe I’ll finish it before the year is out. Who knows.

I also want to try to fit in time each week to write blogs. I’m still trying to find my groove with having a routine and being back at university, but I will get there eventually I’m sure! I apologise for not being very consistent at the moment, but hopefully once I have this routine down to a tee that I will be reading most days and having at least one blog post up a week. Here’s to wishful thinking.

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