October Reading Wrap Up

Today is Sunday 6th December and I’m only just writing my October reading wrap up. Please don’t judge me. It’s not even like I was busy at the start of November. I was just lazy and kept putting it off.. I’ve also got November’s to write. What a mess.

*Frantically checks on Goodreads because I don’t remember a single book I read in October*

October was the start of what I can only call a ‘3 star spree’. I don’t know if I was just choosing books I wasn’t the biggest fan of, or if I was just being a moody arse, but book after book I’ve read recently I’ve ended up giving a 3 star rating to. To clarify, 3 stars IS STILL GOOD!! A lot of people seem to think that a 3 star rating is really bad, but nah, for me it’s still good!


As always I have university books that I read and added towards my reading goal, but they don’t get star ratings

The History of Preston – Alistair Hodge

A History of Preston – David Hunt

Two very very interesting books on the city of Preston and they were invaluable to the assignment I wrote. I’d give them both 5 stars if they weren’t academic related as they helped me achieve a fantastic grade!


Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

I started reading this book on my first week back at uni and it took me pretty much an entire month to read. It was quite fitting because it’s about a girl heading to university but it was pretty dull to be honest. Are American universities actually that extra or was this book majorly dramaticised? 

Love Orange – Natasha Randall

I wrote a review on this book (shock horror I actually wrote a blog post?!). Again, this was another book set in America. Maybe it’s books set in America that I’ve had an issue with?! It’s a good book, but had me a little bit confused at times. It covers a lot of sensitive and taboo topics including opiate drug addiction, which for me was a particularly important subject as a chronic pain sufferer. You can read my full review on Love Orange here.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky

I liked how this book was written as a series of diary entries throughout the whole book. I haven’t read a book with this layout prior to reading this. Thinking back to this book now, I don’t remember a single thing that happened.


A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin

I finished watching Game of Thrones in September and I felt a little bit lost. I’d never watched it before the pandemic and it basically kept me entertained throughout the entire duration of lockdown. Needless to say, I felt a little bit lost when I’d finished watching the final episode. In order to try and continue with my daily dose of GoT I picked up the books. This book took me over 6 weeks to read. It’s definitely the longest book I’ve ever read. I did plan on reading all of the books but they’re just SO long that I don’t know when I’ll be picking up A Clash of Kings.

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