Positives to Take Away From 2020


There’s no denying that 2020 was a notoriously difficult year for everyone. We’ve just been placed in Tier 4 restrictions (which means  yet more shielding and working from home for my poor boyfriend) meaning that 2021 won’t be starting with a bang. But I’m hopeful that with the rolling out of the vaccines will mean that life will be able to return to some level of normality soon. Although it’s been a year where I’ve only been able to see my family twice, I’ve struggled a lot with pain, anxiety and sleep issues, and I’ve cried quite a bit… There have been some positives that have come about this year, and I thought I’d share them… mainly for myself so I can look back at all the good that came from a bad situation when I’m having a down day.

January – I went on a trip to London with uni and had a really lovely time. This was obviously before Covid hit, but it was one of the first and last ‘normal’ activities I did this year. Also in January my boyfriend’s family moved house. This turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise (at the time nobody wanted to move). I genuinely can’t imagine spending lockdown in that old house. So grateful for the new house.

February – I can’t really think of anything that happened in February. I did my first ever Park Run. I went and saw my family for a few days at the very end of February (not realising at the time that would be the last time I saw them until August). I was also really starting to enjoy university and I was working really hard. I don’t know if I’ve explained on here before but second year at university was extremely difficult for me mentally and physically. I wasn’t in a good place and I really wanted to drop out. The tutors I had at the time were absolutely NOT understanding of me having a chronic illness and quite frankly couldn’t care less about me or my wellbeing.

March – I bought lots of books from charity shops, made my bookshelf a rainbow and lived in blissful ignorance that the coronavirus was just a cold. When lockdown hit I was at my boyfriends and this is where I’ve been ever since. He can’t get rid of me now. 

April – A tricky month for obvious reasons. But in April I started going for runs and walks and managed a few times to run 5km – pretty impressive for someone whose foot only half works. I was working seriously hard at this point to get my degree finished.

May – We built a swing chair for the garden. The back of our garden is a complete sun trap and it was so nice to relax and read on those hot days. I also accidentally walked 11km one day whilst I was supposed to be finishing up my uni work. 

June – I HANDED IN MY DEGREE! This was honestly something I never thought I’d be able to do. During second year I thought I’d end up dropping out.. But my parents didn’t raise a quitter and I managed to get it all finished. The biggest sigh of relief ever.

July – I graduated with a 2:1 in Architecture!! I mean… I haven’t actually had a graduation.. yet.. but apparently it’ll happen. I cried many happy tears, applied for my dream Masters course and got myself a little summer job working in the Admissions department of my uni.

August – I worked a lot. I read a lot. I got accepted onto the masters degree I applied for. I was able to see my family. Eat out to help out and the end of shielding meant that my boyfriend and I could actually go outdoors and not just for walks (where I thought Covid was gone and life was back to normal lol poor Leah) Things were great to be honest.

September – I started my masters degree and I’ve absolutely loved it since the moment I first stepped into the classroom. My classes are face to face on campus, I’m very lucky

October – It was my birthday. I received lots of books as part of a Birthday Book Group I’m in on Instagram. I also really started to accept myself for who I am and what I look like. Bought myself some clothes that actually fit in the size I am, rather than the size I think I am. It was also mine and my boyfriend’s 5th anniversary. We spent a few days in Northumberland and it was BLISS to get away, especially after all of those months shielding.

November – Looking back through my photos and I can’t really find anything of note that happened in November. I just worked a lot, handed in assignments and read a lot. I think I hit my 2020 reading goal in November though! I can’t remember whether it was late November or early December, but Mbawa Books asked me to join their little team as their social media content creator. 

December – I received fantastic grades for the 3 assignments I submitted. I FINALLY saw a new consultant for my foot and walked out of that hospital with a diagnosis after 6 years in pain. The admissions department I worked for over summer asked to have me back for a week.. that week has now become 2 months. It’s really reassuring to know that I’ll have some extra money in at least January – March.

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3 thoughts on “Positives to Take Away From 2020

  1. Congratulations on all your achievements! And best of luck with your Master’s studies! It’s amazing that you like them and have an opportunity to study on campus.


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