Author Interview – Dani Hoots

Dani Hoots is an American author who has published many books, most of which fall under the science fiction genre. I recently read and reviewed The Death of Honor as part of a blog tour, and was desperate to find out more about Dani! The Death of Honor she writes under the pen name Lyra Thorsson (just to clear up any confusion – it definitely confused me!). As I mentioned in my review, this was the first science fiction book I’ve ever read!

At what point did you decide to be an author / publish books?

I don’t think there was a point in my life where I didn’t love reading or writing stories. As for thinking about it as a career, and when I started writing full novels, was in middle school, and then I began self-publishing while in graduate school, so in my early 20s, and haven’t looked back.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I personally don’t believe writer’s block is a thing. Writing is like any other job to me and I have days where words come naturally and such, and there are days where I’m just distracted, which affects my other jobs as well. I usually try to better myself by eliminating distractions and working on any problems I have going on in my life to better my productivity for everything. 

Was there anything you edited out of a book that you later wished you kept in?

Hmmmm I don’t think so… I have changed parts of my books while editing, but nothing I wish I kept in. 

How do you find the inspiration for new novels and storylines?

Everywhere… From songs to random images to mythologies to different folklore creatures… I have a long list of stuff to write, that’s for sure!

If you were to give one tip to someone wanting to get into writing, what would it be?

Never stop writing! Sounds easy enough, but it’s not. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop and push through any problems. Also, don’t stop to edit, just get the first draft finished first.

Is science fiction a genre you’ve always had an interest in?

For sure! I grew up watching Star Wars and Trigun and I think I have seen Star Wars the original trilogy over 30 times… maybe more.

If you were to switch lives with a character from Death of Honor, who would it be and why?

I feel most connected to Rebecca, as she is my MC, but as for switching lives…. Hmmm probably Mary as it would be fun to be a mechanic, and I would still get to have adventures and not be connected to a psychopath…

If Death of Honor was made into an audiobook, who would you want to read it?

If? 😛 I am in talks with a narrator and aim to have the first and second book done this summer, but I can’t give her name as it is NSFW and she may want to have it under her pseudonym. 

Can you share any spoilers of any drama that will unfold in the second book of the trilogy?

I will say… there is going to be a new character that is going to make Sebastien very very angry.

How do you cope with writing multiple books at the same time, or do you find it easier that way?

I like writing more than one book at a time, as it gives me a break from any drama that might be going on for the characters, especially in the Honor Trilogy. I try not to have too many because then it feels like I’m not making much progress (but I am). I also have many hats I wear for other jobs, so I have to remember to not juggle too much.

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