Aestus: Book 2: The Colony – S.Z. Attwell

Genre: Sci Fi | Climate Fiction | Dystopian

Pages: 560

My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/5

Synopsis: “An underground city. A deadly project. And an Intelligence agent who can help Jossey take down the City…if she can trust him again.

Jossey grew up believing the Onlar, creatures of the aboveground, were monsters. But when they kidnapped her, she found out terrible secrets about her city and her family. Her choice to help the Onlar against the City almost cost her her life. And the Intelligence agent she’d thought was her friend was the one tasked with carrying out her execution.

But he didn’t quite succeed.

Now Jossey, barely alive, has been sent to the Onlar by a mysterious figure from the City. And time is of the essence – her solar network project could mean disaster not only for the Onlar, but for thousands of citizens as well. She can’t do much from the Onlar camp, but Gavin, Jossey’s Patrol leader and longtime friend, isn’t convinced she’s dead. And Patrol has started to learn the truth.

As tentative alliances form, Jossey begins to think this might be easier than she’d thought. But a terrible miscalculation has been made, one that may cost her and her friends both the City and their lives. Can she see it before it’s too late?”

My Thoughts: Book 2 is a direct continuation from book 1 – it’s the exact same storyline that just needed splitting into two books due to the fact it would’ve been 1266 pages long if it was just one book. I feel as though a lot of the big events happened in the first book, and so the second book had less dramatic moments, though there were still a few! Although I rated both books 5 stars, when comparing my CAWPILE ratings between book 1 and 2, book 1 did come out on top but only by a small margin. I did think it was interesting how in the second book I preferred the characters (though they’re the same people – lots of development!!). Gavin and Caspar are two characters I’ve really loved throughout both books. I love the style of S.Z. Attwell‘s writing, I definitely think she reads how she speaks, and I really like that.

I’m not going to talk about the plot of the book at all because if you haven’t read the first book then essentially it’ll just spoil everything. However, what I will say is that this is a book series you NEED to read. Although the books are chunky, for me it didn’t feel that way because I found myself so immersed in the storyline. It was a world I could so clearly imagine in my brain and the plot kept me turning the pages over and over until I’d finished the whole book. I actually managed to read around 450 pages of it in one sitting for reference. I’m not sure if a third book is on the cards, but if it isn’t then I feel like the story was wrapped up quite nicely.

The overall theme of the books, is so important. Aestus is an adult dystopian science-fiction series set centuries after climate change has ravaged much of Earth. The world is too hot to live on and so the people are forced underground where it is cooler. We’ve had some very hot days recently which are out of the ordinary and I couldn’t help but have Aestus in the back of my mind the entire time.

Aestus: Book 2: The Colony is available to buy on Amazon.


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