Thorn – Stefan Plesoianu

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Pages: 220

My Rating: ☆☆☆☆/5

POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNINGS: Alcohol consumption, drugs, sex, depression, loss / grief.

Synopsis: Jaded ahead of his time, Seven looks to fulfill his ambitions of becoming a successful writer. Not exactly full of hope and often lackluster, he tries to make something of his life despite interferences from his funny but troublesome friends, an aging, vulnerable family waiting for his weekly visits and most pressingly, girls.

Finding himself in the privileged position of owning an apartment, Seven reluctantly faces the typical contemporary problems of people his age. First and foremost, he has to support himself as to unburden his family, a process which sees him switch between menial jobs, affecting his self-esteem. This adds to his bad habits and anxiety generated by living in an unstable social environment marked by drugs, promiscuity and dodgy people. Next to that, fixing his deficient love life is another big ask, as he tries and fails to make casual relationships work out.

Out of nowhere, Cynthia enters the fray, massively improving Seven’s life and giving him hope. Not long after, their relationship takes a turn for the worse and continues to cause both of them suffering, leading to fights and breakups. Upon deciding to give it one more try, Cynthia finds she has to move back home with her mourning family, leaving Seven to pick up the pieces of the painfully shattered hope. However, all is not lost as he is invited to a meeting to discuss his book with a literary agent.

My Thoughts: I would firstly like to say a massive thank you to Stefan Plesoianu for reaching out to me asking me to read this book in exchange for a review.

Seven is 23 years old and struggling his way through the start of adulthood. There are girlfriends, bad dates, break ups mixed in with drinking and drugs. Not to say that’s how every young adult’s life is, but I feel like many could be able to relate to at least one aspect of what Sev goes through throughout the book.

Thorn is a unique book, with short chapters that are like short diary experts of Sev’s life. Despite having an unusual writing style, this didn’t stop me from enjoying the book as much as I did. The chapters are short and snappy and then the following chapter will move on to something different in Sev’s navigation through life. It’s an easy read, and a good book to be able to put down and then come back to and getting straight back into it.

Seven would love to become a successful writer and have his writing fund his life, however with him only just starting out, that’s impossible. You follow him having crappy jobs that will be able to fund his literary ambitions. Speaking of writing, I really enjoyed the way Stefan Plesoianu wrote this book. I liked how the reader is dropped straight into Sev’s life and it feels like all of the pieces of his complex puzzle are put together throughout the book.

I thought this was a great little book. It isn’t the shortest, but also isn’t the longest book ever written and I think its length was perfectly pitched (whether that was intentional or not). It gives just enough insight into Sev and his life, without having to give a huge dramatic backstory. At the end of the day, Sev is just your average 23 year old trying his best to make a good life for himself.

A big thanks to Stefan Plesoianu for getting me out of my 2 month long reading slump!


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