Futures Beckon, Pasts Threaten – Nia Lucas

Synopsis: Following on from ‘Choices Shape, Losses Break’, eighteen-year-old Lorna Davies is doing everything she can to blend in at University, hiding the challenges of her past. As her closest friends guard the secrets of the girl they love, Lorna tentatively grasps a life less complex. Terrified of risking everything she holds dear, Lorna discoversContinue reading “Futures Beckon, Pasts Threaten – Nia Lucas”

Happier Every Chapter Subscription Boxes

My lovely friends over at Mbawa Books have continued to amaze me by bringing out a monthly book subscription box called Happier Every Chapter. The box is aimed at middle grade children (age 8-14) and is full of diverse stories, short stories written by the Mbawa sisters and lots of other fun things! If youContinue reading “Happier Every Chapter Subscription Boxes”

Books I Own That I Might Never Actually Read

When I first got into reading a year ago, the first thing I did was head to the charity shops and spend a little bit too much money on lots of different books. My plan at the time was to get books from as many different genres as possible, as I had no idea whatContinue reading “Books I Own That I Might Never Actually Read”

Books I Own That I’m MOST Excited to Read

My desk where I work every single day is right next to my bookshelf. I probably spend longer staring at all of the books on my shelf than I do actually doing work. I’ve developed quite a collection of books. This week marks one year since I picked up a book *for fun* and readContinue reading “Books I Own That I’m MOST Excited to Read”

Love Orange – Natasha Randall

Natasha Randall’s debut novel, Love Orange, tackles a magnitude of issues surrounding modern day life as an American. Jenny and Hank live with their two sons Jesse and Luke. Hank is technology obsessed. He has turned their house into a ‘smart home’ which is listening into their every conversation and monitoring their every move. TheContinue reading “Love Orange – Natasha Randall”

My Favourite Healthy and Cheap Student Meals

Hello All! This is something completely different to anything I’ve ever blogged about before, but in light of the recent Free School Meal situation going on in the UK, I was thinking about some of the meals I ate whilst I was in student accommodation and I thought I could share a few recipes thatContinue reading “My Favourite Healthy and Cheap Student Meals”