Positives to Take Away From 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! There’s no denying that 2020 was a notoriously difficult year for everyone. We’ve just been placed in Tier 4 restrictions (which means  yet more shielding and working from home for my poor boyfriend) meaning that 2021 won’t be starting with a bang. But I’m hopeful that with the rolling out ofContinue reading “Positives to Take Away From 2020”

2020 Favourites

In the year where the world went slightly pear shaped, not everything was completely horrendous. 2020 allowed the opportunity for me to do lots of things which would have ordinarily been possible. I promise to stop doing blog posts that are just lists soon, but not yet! Favourite Book – As talked about in myContinue reading “2020 Favourites”

My Favourite Healthy and Cheap Student Meals

Hello All! This is something completely different to anything I’ve ever blogged about before, but in light of the recent Free School Meal situation going on in the UK, I was thinking about some of the meals I ate whilst I was in student accommodation and I thought I could share a few recipes thatContinue reading “My Favourite Healthy and Cheap Student Meals”